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About EyeClimate

EyeClimate leads the way in using advanced technology like artificial intelligence and data analysis to create effective solutions for fighting climate change. Our main focus is on coming up with practical strategies that people, businesses, and governments can actually put into action. We want to provide useful information and insights that help everyone make informed choices for a sustainable future. Our goal is to make a real impact on the environment by turning ideas into tangible actions.

  • Focus on tangible strategies translating into real-world actions
  • Prioritize actionable insights to empower individuals, businesses, and governments.
  • Strive for practical and effective strategies leading to measurable results.


Check our Projects

Detections With MethaneMapper

Accurate detection of methane leaks using satellite data and advanced algorithms

Methane Detection AI Platform

Real-time monitoring and analysis of methane emissions using artificial intelligence

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We strive to provide unparalleled AI solutions.

Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier AI solutions, evidenced by our substantial contributions to the field:


Scholarly publications on machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Citations for our research scientists' work, highlighting our impact and recognition in the academic community.


Years of experience in climate and remote sensing research, underscoring our commitment to addressing critical environmental challenges.


Years of experience in software development, showcasing our deep technical expertise and innovation capabilities.